Pepperell Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitoes are an unfortunate nuisance for Pepperell, Massachusetts property owners, but they can deliver more than just an itchy bite. Mosquitoes carry and transmit diseases like West Nile Disease and Zika Virus. Mosquitoes can pose a serious threat to human health as well as to the health of pets. Pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and wasps demand professional pest control when their numbers get out of hand. If you have an infestation of insect pests at your Massachusetts home, we can deliver the pest control treatment you need.

Mosquito Control

Don’t let mosquitoes prevent you from enjoying your yard all summer long. There are some mosquito control measures you can take on your own before calling for pest control services like spraying treatment. 

Remove Standing Water

It’s important to dump standing water from plant pots and bird baths. Change old water and replace it in these features in case the old water contains the mosquito eggs or mosquito larvae. Standing water is the prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

Mow Your Lawn 

Routine mowing can help you control mosquitoes in your yard. Mowing may not eliminate bugs like mosquitoes, but it can make your yard less hospitable to them. Tall grass allows pests like mosquitoes and ticks to easily hide.

Treatment for Ponds

If you have a pond on your Pepperell, MA, property, you may need mosquito control treatment for the water. Before making a treatment application or contacting a pest control service to tackle the job, consider installing a small fountain or device that keeps the water circulating. The waves that a fountain creates can prevent mosquito eggs from hatching. 

Mosquito-Repellent Plants

There are many plants the bugs like mosquitoes dislike. These plants can actually repel them from your landscape. Consider adding a few pots of lemon grass near entrances to your home to reduce the risk of mosquitoes getting inside when you open your house door. Other plants that repel mosquitoes include lavender, marigolds, mint, catmint, and rosemary. Plant them near your patio or front porch to help control mosquito pests.

Mosquito Barrier Spraying

Spraying is a tried-and-true method of mosquito pest control. Our Mosquito control team can spray chemicals around the barriers of your Pepperell, MA, landscape to get rid of mosquitoes. While no method of mosquito control will eliminate all of these pests, barrier spraying is an excellent form of mosquito reduction. 

Your community may offer free treatment for mosquitoes. You can check with your town administrator office to check if they offer services like mosquito control or tick control as some municipalities do. Even so, spraying may be the best method to reduce these pests, but if your backyard is heavily wooded or large, the town’s solution may not be enough. You may need to apply treatment to your property. Your town will not spray individual properties; it provide spraying along public streets and parks, but not your individual MA property. 

Treatment of mosquitoes with spraying generally provides protection against these bugs for about four to six weeks. Less effective products may only last two weeks. Your mosquito control service can advise you about which pesticides provide the best–and longest–protection against mosquitoes. 

Diseases & Dangers of Mosquitoes

While some diseases like mosquito-transmitted diseases like malaria aren’t common in Massachusetts, there are some diseases that are a concern for residents of the state. Mosquitoes in the state can transmit West Nile virus and Zika virus as well as others. To reduce the threat of mosquito-transmitted disease, it’s important to decrease mosquito populations near your Massachusetts house by applying treatment with chemicals.

Pest Control Services

Our mosquito control service will help you get rid of mosquitoes. The advantage of our pesticides and chemicals is that they provide protection against mosquitoes for several weeks. If you’re concerned about hosting an outdoor event at your MA home, you may want us to spray for mosquitoes and ticks in advance of your event date. Treatment can help you safeguard your outdoor environment. 

Mosquito Control FAQs

Is mosquito spraying worth it?

Mosquito spraying with chemicals can help you substantially reduce mosquitoes, leaving your outdoor setting more comfortable–and safe from these pests. Treatment cannot eliminate all mosquitoes from your landscape, but it can help you prevent infestations of these bugs. 

How long do you have to stay off your lawn after mosquito spray?

After mosquito treatment, keep people and pests off your lawn for at least a half hour. 

How much does it cost to fog for mosquitoes?

Spray treatment of mosquitoes varies in cost depending on the size of your landscape. It’s best to contact your mosquito control service to obtain a free estimate so you can be aware of the cost upfront. 

Does the government spray for mosquitoes?

Many communities in Massachusetts spray for mosquitoes during the summer when they’re an especial nuisance. However, not all towns offer this service, and the spraying is confined to public areas–not private properties owned by residents. If you want mosquito or tick control spraying, you’ll need to contact a service for the job.