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Anyone looking for a lush, healthy, green lawn is in need of fertilizer! At Brian’s Lawn Care, we pride ourselves on helping lawns look their best across Shirley, MA, and the surrounding areas. We’re a family-owned lawn care company that always strives to leave a lasting impression – our 5-star reviews speak to many satisfied customers in your community! Fully licensed and insured, our team is one that you can trust for all your lawn care needs, including lawn fertilization.

Why is lawn fertilization important?

One of the most important but sometimes overlooked aspects of lawn care is the secret to getting that even, beautiful green look. The soil in your lawn supplies nutrients that the turf grass needs to survive, but most soils don’t have enough to last for the entire growing season. That’s where fertilizers come in – helping your lawn stay healthy by promoting new leaf and root growth throughout the season. Most experts recommend spreading fertilizing seed across your lawn at least every few months for optimal growth, resulting in a lawn that’s much more healthy and durable than your average lawn.

Left on its own, your grass will likely be weak, shrivelled, and discolored – when it survives the season at all! Everybody knows that grass needs sunshine and water to grow, but it needs fertilizer to really thrive and reach perfect health. A healthy lawn isn’t just more beautiful, but more durable by nature. Give your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow strong and last long with fertilizer from the professionals at Brian’s Lawn Care! Our perfect combination of the key elements nitrate, phosphorus and potassium will give your lawn the extra boost to truly look its best.

Lawn fertilization near me in Shirley, MA

Looking for lawn fertilizing near Shirley, MA. You’ve come to the right place! We’re your community lawn care experts serving Shirley, MA and the nearby areas. Proper lawn fertilization is a crucial element to getting that perfect, lush, healthy look that everyone’s after. Tired of patchy, uneven and discolored grass ruining the look of your front or backyard? Brian’s Lawn Care offers the best lawn fertilizer program, ready to fit the needs of any lawn. We’ll work with you closely to pick the plan that’ll work great for your unique yard.

Don’t hesitate to give Brian’s Lawn Care a call so that we can give your lawn the care it deserves, with the extra touch of a family-owned lawn care company. We’re sure you’ll notice the difference, since we’re dedicated to getting every job done well, and done right!

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